Eivissa Port and Old Town Ibiza D'alt Villa

Ibiza Old Town (Eivissa) at night is one of the best places on the island to sit and watch the world go by and what a fascinating world it is too. Grab a table at any one of the bars down by the port and you’re guaranteed a feast for the eyes. Drop dead gorgeous men and women, old hippies, outrageous gays and fantastically dressed transvestites to name but a few. The sights range from the bizarre to the ridiculous and it's all utterly fascinating. Being in Ibiza means you can be individual and that's just what you get, lots of cosmopolitan free spirits all vying for attention. Try to catch the La Troya Parade on a Wednesday night, when the performers from the La Troya party strut their stuff before heading off to Amnesia.
The Eivissa Town night scene has a much more sophisticated atmosphere than say San Antonio. The port area is packed with bars and restaurants as well as designer shops and small boutiques. There are fabulous shops selling leather bags, shoes and belts around the port area and they all stay open until quite late. There is also a small hippy market at the port, where you can buy hand-made jewellery and trinkets of all kinds.
Behind the port area is Ibiza's castle and cathedral known as D'alt Villa, which is lit up at night, and the walk up to the two huge gates at the entrance to the area of D'alt Villa. Here there are some fabulous restaurants and dining outside within the old castle walls is a romantic experience and if you turn left once you are through the main gates, it is only a short walk up to the castle ramparts and there you can look out over the sea and parts of Ibiza only lit up by the twinkling street lights, it really is a beautiful view.
There is a huge gay scene in Ibiza and especially in Ibiza Town, there are some very dark parts of the old town where fetish freaks are led around on dog leads by dominatrix in shiny tight leather! And at the top of D'alt Villa is Old Ibiza Town's most famous gay venue, Anforra.

Away from the castle and the port area is the Marina. Here is where the very rich moor their boats and while away the night in nearby Pacha, one of Ibiza's oldest clubs. Not only will you mix with rich but quite likely the famous too. This year saw the likes of P Diddy and Kate Moss feeling the groove and of course Britain's very own Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, who according to reports in the press enjoyed herself at the International Music Festival Rave with DJ's such as Pete Tong, proving that it doesn't matter how old you are in Ibiza!
Another popular Ibiza town venue is the Teatro Pereyra in the centre of Eivissa Old Ibiza Town. Here you can experience some of the best live Jazz and blues music you will hear anywhere on the island. The atmosphere is chilled out and friendly and it's a nice alternative to the club scene although the drinks can be just as expensive.
Ibiza also has a Casino, which is next to Pacha, it is open all year round and of course caters for every gambling experience, including, poker, roulette and black jack. There is a popular restaurant, which has a reputation for serving first class food and evening here is a pleasant alternative to the bars and restaurants of Eivissa Town.
There are also exhibitions and events which take place throughout the summer in the main square of Ibiza Old Town, which is just a minute from the port and if you're in Ibiza in May then don't miss the Medieval Festival, although it is mostly a day event, things do carry forward into the evening. The fiesta is a combination of market stalls selling herbs, spices and leather goods from the medieval time, together with exhibitions by acrobats, musicians and singers and you might even see a camel or two.
Another relaxing way to spend an evening in Ibiza Town is just to stroll around, catching the different beats that come out of tiny doorways and smelling the different and delicious smells from each restaurant or Tapas bar and observing the people who come and go through Eivissa Old Town.

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